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Aliases the Father
Size ?
Location ?
Ruler Thalami Brenin
Population 11,000
Exports ?

Aelwyd, also known as the Father and the City without Walls is the capital city of the kingdom of Tir'Ein. The city is home to the governing rule of both the Tir'Ein kingdom and the Cyngor, the Tribal Council of Elves. Non-elves are never permitted access to the city with the exception of the High King of Nora and his family.

It is located on the northern coast of the Bluog Seirff Sea on the Elf King Peninsula, at the mouth of the Anri River in the Ghoper Forest.


Elven tribes had been using the area that was to become Aelwyd for generations for fishing and as a docking camp for cross-sea travel.

When the fledgling kingdom of Tir'Ein was in creation, the elves began plans for a central settlement. In 493 PI, the city was fully realized.


Aelwyd has secluded itself for nearly as long as it has been settled. Those without direct elven parentage, known as hanghenfil (which include eladrin, drow and half-elves), are not permitted inside the city.

Architecture and Culture

In celebration of elven culture and natural harmony, most "buildings" in Aelwyd are altered trees; enlarged and made to allow residential and commercial spaces. The most famous of these being Fam Bren, the royal house of Tir'Ein.

It could be said that it is Aelwyd alone, in its uniqueness, that ironically creates the popular belief that all elves live in trees.


Kingdom of Tir'Ein

Aelwyd is home to the Fam Bren, castle of Einish crown. Thalami Brenin is the current king.

Tribal Council of Elves

Inside the Cawell Fedi the Cyngor and the governance of the city itself operates. As the elven tribes govern themselves semi-autonomously, most of the duties are aimed toward the city.

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