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Aliases ?
Size Large City
Location Penultimos,
Aimorragian Islands
Ruler ?
Population 20,000
Exports ?

Aegina is a free port on the island of Penultimos in the Blood Sea.

theocracy - lead by Archbishop of Church of Light
white roc is the city symbol
festival on the winter solstice
large inn on their port
gothic archetecture
large walls
local nobles sigil is red lion - fainish origin
fortress city
famous city gate, three gates total
wizard tower
archbishop palace
large obelisk
massive palace for nobles
compass lodge
public houses
red light district
tradition of great singers
annual marathon
large bank
private forest
"golden streets"
a civil war was fought over the two main races and the city was segregated north and south to keep the warring factions separate.
white buildings
many mansions and palaces
dragonborn - order of the blade
strong navy and military
museum of religion iconography and relics
tradition of fighting with two blades

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