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Size Large Town
Location Aecyeldshire,
County of Gundary,
Erwynn, Ilefain
Ruler Ebenezer Whitmore II
Population 2,300
Exports Wool, clothing, shoes

Aecyeld (Ace-shield) is a town in Erwynn, Ilefain. Its inhabitants are called Sheldlings. Aecyeld is a major exporter of wool, clothing and shoes. The town is famous for its tailors as well as the site of the Holy Grave of the Shepherd Saint.


Tin mines used by the Aquarians.

A famous battle during the Four Brothers era.

Battle against the dwarves.

Birthplace of a Queen. Trumpet Castle was built.

Gained promenance as a crossroads city.

A poet lived in the city 200 years ago during the city's golden age.

The city is being currently used as a garrison way station for marching troops.


There is a hidden treasure in the city of Aquarian gold.



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