Adventuring in Lorasia: The Shattered Isle

Lorasia. Said to be the homeland of dragons.

Dragons are considered royalty. Most people know the identity of specific dragons and the concept of a random, unknown dragon is alien to Lorasians.




Also called Hawk Men.

Deva, Gathasic

The Devas have long been a normadic tribe. They have been sent on a mission to defend God. Their journey has been so long that they can't even remember who sent them on their journey. Some speculate that the Devas are probably descendants of angels whose Sky Fane fell long ago.

The tribe also has a Guardian. They are powerful warriors who protect the tribe. Should one wish to become a Guardian, they must defeat the current guardian in a fight. If the challenger wins, that person will become a guardian. Should that person lose, they forfeit their lives.

It is tribal rules that two people with the mark of the Terra Spirit are not allowed to be married. The explanation, however, is not given.

Dragonborn, Dragovian

Not fond of humans; isolated society. Larger than Noran Dragonborn. Usually have patterns, stripes and blotches.


Miners and lovers of gems. Their city lies atop Rosalee Hill.


Many Halflings are found in coastal areas, with many of them taking up residence in coastal caves. The caves are naturally lit by a plant called the Glim Moss. However, this plant is a delicacy for aquatic monsters and as such, this plant has been in short supply.

They seem to live in an tribal society, with a figure called the Dujo to lead them. Beyond this, there doesn't seem to be any government.

Half Drow

White Wolf

An ancient curse turning savage wolves into human form. Now the race is found in the north, living in the wilds.


The four main islands are Cannock, Charlock, Moonbrook, and Rhone, together with numerous smaller islands and islets.

Sovereign Kingdoms

Lands with civilized rule and alliance under a single authority. The more north one goes, the younger the kingdoms. Each kingdom is ruled by a mortal race King and a Wyrm of the dragons. The kingdom of Treman, however, is home to the Great Wyrm Arogan.

Lorasian kingdoms denounce Norans as weak in spirit. Praising Lorasians as the greater culture. Traditional gender roles. Diviorce is illegal. Tax breaks with large families. LBGT illegal. Babies must be born.

Though the kings rule on a day to day basis, when any of the Wyrms decide to take a matter onto themselves, or make a proclamation, the kings must bow and take orders. Some kings are bitter of this and plot to overthrow the dragons.

  • Davan: The dark kingdom of Davan consists of the entire island of Charlock. As many hold the longsword as the symbol of glory, so the Davanians hold the axe.
  • Edragan: The eladrin kingdom located in Moonbrook.
  • Falrod: A kingdom of wizards. The capital city is guarded by a colossal golem.
  • Garland: A kingdom that appreciates the bardic arts.
  • Lukrod: Surrounded on all sides by hostile land, Lukrod is a nation based on faith.
  • Thurgin: Located in central Moonbrook.
  • Treman: The largest and most powerful of Lorasia's kingdoms, Treman is located in north-central Cannock.
  • thade: Taking up all of Rhone and portions of southeastern Cannock and southern Moonbrook, this kingdom is militant and expansionist.
  • wessen: The rival and oft enemy of Treman, Virkia's navy is the object of much desire.

Extranational Territories

These territories consist of loose confederacies of cities and towns as well as large patches of untamed wilderness.


The Bloodwood

Werewolves lurk in this forest.


The Fallands






The Sorcerer's Desert

The Stormlands

The Twisting Woods


A land of thieves.


Home of hardworking woodsmen and hunters.

The Widow's Swamp

Once sacred ground, now cursed.


see History of Lorasia

First Human Migration

When the undead invasion known as the Onslaught ravaged Nora (c2,200 PI), many people were pushed north and sailed over the Green Sea to Lorasia to find a new life.

Second Human Migration

After the rise of the Aquarian Empire, another migration took to Lorasia, mostly from the region of Caltirech (c950 PI).

Aquarian Invasion


In 692 PI, one of the two moons fell from the sky to the south. From this, the sky turned black and the sun was not seen for years. It seemed the end of the world until seventeen years later (675 PI) when the sky cleared and hope was restored.

Deathsong Plague

In 877 NS, a horrid plague swept over Lorasia killing 35% of the population.

Kira Disappears

1290 NS was the last communion of the Noran God of Light.



Elyseon the Golden Eagle

Her light gives us all strength.

Hadeon the Dark Dragon

He waits for his resurrection.


Astral Sea

Elemental Chaos





  • Werewolves are common and have formed a society.
  • Golems are used by powerful arcanists
  • Undead dwell in deserts and are intelligent and tougher than Noran skeletons,
  • Farrow; pig men
  • Gobbers
  • Derhii are large flying apes with bat wings.
  • Aacrocka
  • Use of Runestaffs were common before the rise of technology


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