The Acadamae is a wizard's college in Los Torres which attracts students from as far away as distant Vatharond. Although it teaches all eight modern schools of magic, it specializes in conjuration, and requires its pupils to pass a difficult exam in conjuration in order to graduate. It is currently run by its headmaster, the powerful Tophas es'Orñelos.


The Acadamae was founded in 1095 NS by Lord Artephius es'Orñelos. It has grown to a small city, supporting its students and faculty without any need for them to leave the grounds. Visitors are not welcome and messengers, and repairs are watched carefully, for fear that the secrets of the school might leave its grounds or that the many wards protecting the outside world from their magic might be damaged.


The students give ten years of their life to become highly talented wizards. The first three years of studies, the students are very much the cheap labor of the staff and the senior students. Two of every ten students at the Acadamae do not survive these first years, being slain by magic traps, wayward spells, or murderous imps, or simply dying from exhaustion or carelessness. The rest then choose a school of specialization, and proceed to their actual studies. The examinations that lead to graduation are dangerous and often fatal. The most impressive graduates usually apprentice themselves to senior faculty, serving as tutors to younger students and continue their studies with the great masters of the school.


The primary building of the Acadamae and one of the largest in all Salvatore is the Hall of Summoning. More than a dozen binding circles throughout the massive structure prevent any sort of catastrophic failure. Other buildings in the complex are the Hall of Seeing, the Hall of Induction, the Hall of Wards, the Hall of Lies, the Hall of Shaping, the Hall of Charms, the Hall of Whispers, the Halls of Crafting, the es'Orñelos Hall, the staff quarters and the student quarters.

The Breaching Festival

One of the Acadamae's greatest traditions is the yearly Breaching Festival, in which students but also adventurers try to prove their skill by breaking into the supposedly impregnable Hall of Wards on campus.


Although rarely recognizable outside the walls of the Acadamae, the deans are often known by name and reputation to Korvosa at large.

Human, Chelaxian
The youngest currently serving dean, Mistress Allesain rose quickly through the ranks of faculty in the Hall of Seeing, ever seeming to be in the right place at the right time for promotion.

Elf, Tower
The Hall of Charms’ homely headmistress has a reputation as many students’ favorite teacher, despite her gruff demeanor and her classes’ extreme difficulty.

Human, Chelaxian
Dean Irevotnin has a reputation for ending arcane duels with deadly force, and uses this fact to maintain order in the classroom, threatening disobedient students with a single round of combat if they don’t behave.

Rombastle maintains an air of seriousness around his peers, and most students claim him to be one of the most stringent teachers in the school, but many illusion specialists argue that they just don’t notice the pranks and jokes he pulls. No one knows if this is true, or if it’s just an inside joke amongst the students who spend the most time trapped in a lecture hall with him.

Human, khemetian
Rumors attribute Dean Delmore’s constant foul mood to failed attempts to attain lichdom.

Human, Chelaxian
Dean Remorri has held his post longer than any of his peers. He grows uneasy when things remain static for too long, and sometimes refers to students as “my little birds,” (much to many of their discomfort.)


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