Aboleths are ancient creatures that claim to pre-date the very gods themselves. Aboleths are a powerful race which plot byzantine schemes from their aquatic cities.

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The appearance of the aboleth is alien and bizarre; the closest analog would be some sort of nightmarish, prehistoric fish that has grown to huge proportions. The creature's outline is fish-like with a powerful tail at one end and a pointed head at the other. The head bears no resemblance to any sort of known fish, having three huge, alien, red eyes located at its very front. The creature seems to have no other facial features, lacking even a mouth. Behind this hideous head is a slime-covered body. Further back it has a fish-like dorsal fin that helps with movement, but instead of the fins one would normally find on the side of a fish, it has two long, grasping tentacles on each side. From head to tail an aboleth is around 25 feet long and their bulky bodies make them weigh well over 6,000 pounds.

It is a master of magic that controls or confuses the mind, able to weave illusions to confuse or simply crush the will of those who oppose it. Aboleths have several unique abilities: their tentacles are covered in slime that weakens the flesh of those it touches. Aboleth also have the ability to release a cloud of mucus that removes a creature's ability to breathe air and instead make it breathe water. The aboleths normally use this to capture and make use of air breathing slaves; it also ensures their loyalty as the effect only lasts a few hours and must regularly be renewed. They generally speak their own language, in addition to the most common languages of the Darklands.

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