Abhonchiel's Cauldron

Abhonchiel's Cauldron is a mythical object used by the archfey Abhonchiel. This object may be a cup, a bowl or an actual cauldron. The particular material that the cauldron is made from is likewise unknown.

Abhonchiel's Cauldron is said to hail from one of the Four Lost Eladrin Cities. Abhonchiel's Cauldron is associated with the element of Water and the power of bards. It was assumed to be held in keeping by the Seelie Court, but it is rumored to have been stolen.

Abhonchiel's Cauldron is accorded great powers of healing in myth, and even possesses the ability to raise the dead. What other powers it may possess due to its affinity with the element of Water are unknown.

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