Aliases The Edge
Size Small City
Location Comunidad de Abdina
Salvatore, Ilefain
Ruler Count Xan Valenzuela
Mayor Jiri Blackeye
Population 8,100
Exports Soarwood, ceramics,

Abdin is a major port city in Salvatore, Ilefain. It is famous because of the Order of the Bladed Foot monks that serve as its police force. City is an economic trading hub with a notable halfling population.

Referred to by locals as Abdina. The name comes from an old term for 'abby'.

Table of Contents


historical battle for the city from old cults and their possessed leaders.
famous historical philosopher who explored nature of emotions, soul and psychology, one of the first modern psychologists; famous historical painter of famous historical scenes and great use of contrast between light and dark colors; famous historical novelist who wrote about ancient Aquaria also famous for his extremist political views;
a famous novel written in the Age of Kings titled "The White Knight" written by a knight from Abdin, once considered a holy city where parts of a great holy book were written and translated, 200 years ago, was visited by the High King of Nora in a highly publicized visit complete with parade,


massive city gates; bell towers; monk monastery; sculptures and bas-reliefs all over the city; grand market place; Indoor waterfall; A river garden w/ many sculptures;
large bank of knights merchant, the North Palace large palace from ruling family,
bardic college,
angel's tower,
church that is actually a tower
colloseum church, pirate court, aquarium, five bridges which are very old, quartz gates,
ancient step-gate (now defunct); necromancer dome,
statue of great explorer; large and luxurious compass lodge, airship mooring tower, underwater castle, surviving aventian collumn


Special ships made from Soarwood; city colors are blue and gold, mages in the city don't live in towers, but in large domes,
known festival during spring featuring lots of fire and currently artificers creating large mechanical creations and automatons, local style of ceramics, local traditional fashion,
bilingual city, common and halfling, large halfling presence, local style of soft breadstick, rabbit meat-bun, lots of sea food and calamari
Star cults are now banned from the city;
small but notable kidan population,
good relations with Shao Wei,

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