A Tower in Time
Entropy held inside
the temporal chrysalis.

"Your time has come to an end!" - Nickle before plunging the quintessence into Entropy

A Tower in Time is a minor saga taking place in southern vitezza, Canstice during the summer of 1376 NS. It concerns a trio of strangers who band together with an Archmage to restore the balance of time.

The company includes Ukret the Bloodtide the bugbear ik'sintar, Faust il'Satabro, scion of House il'Satabro and the easterling Nickle.

Call to Destiny

Ukret the Bloodtide was contacted by a sending of the wizard Balbaroy in the guise of a hobgoblin when the bugbear's army began to loose units. The wizard told him the answer to his mystery lies at the ruins of Story Ancient.

Likewise, the noble Faust il'Satabro received a sending by Balbaroy (this time as a dragonborn mercenary) and is told that the location of the artifact used to cripple his house is known to him. Faust left for the agreed meet at Story Ancient.

The wanderer Nickle was contacted by Balbaroy in the form of a githzerai and told the wanderer that his destiny awaited him. Nickle agreed to the meet.

Meeting with Balbaroy

Once the three met each other at the tower ruins, Balbaroy appeared before them in his usual guise as an ogre. He informed them that they have been selected as both capable and in need sufficiently to perform a task.

He tells them of the Hourglass Tower, a dungeon of mysterious origins located in the south. Inside the tower, creatures known as Chronotyryn are engaging in a ritual to free a powerful entity known as Entropy. They must go to the tower and stop this ritual or all of time and magic are in danger.

They accept the mission.

The Hourglass Tower

After traveling to the site of the tower, Balbaroy explained that the tower in accessible only after the temporal signature has synced with the worlds. He gave them a shard of what he referred to as quintessence and instructed them to stab it into the time chrysalis when they saw it. Not fully understanding the wizard's words, the three allowed him to perform a ritual which caused the world to stand still, but the tower was now in sight with a triangular door in the front.

Inside Ukret saw that his goblin minions were being used as puppets for the preparations of the ritual. He decided he would rather see them dead than used against him and slaughtered his former servants. They went through the different rooms of the dizzyingly constructed tower until they entered the final ritual chamber.

There they saw the entity Entropy crystallized in frozen time. They broke the chronotyryns out of their ritual trance and defeated them. Nickle stabbed the shard of quintessence into the frozen time and forced it to react with his will. They quintessence spread throughout the chrysalis and kept the entity in place, but then Nickle was quickly sucked into the frozen time as well.

Keeper of Time

Soon, Nickle appeared outside of the time sphere, but changed. He was transformed into the Keeper of Time and knew his greater destiny. The three of them left the tower and Nickle undid Balbaroy's ritual, returning them to the normal timestream.

Nickle used his newfound powers to offer Faust and Ukret a boon. To Faust he offered his assistance with bringing the Orchid to justice. And to Ukret he offered a prophecy; "Kill your third son, there is great trouble with his living."

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