A Hero's Tale

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A Hero's Tale is a minor saga beginning in 340 PI. It concerns the tale of Samuel of Dunby, a ranger with a great destiny.

Table of Contents

Dunby's Secret

It was a rainy day in the fall of 340 PI. Samuel woke up and bathed in the rain before heading into Dunby to perform chores at the granary. On the way Samuel stopped to speak with his friend Brock, who told him today was his father's birthday and everyone would get a free pint at the inn tonight. Samuel thanked him for the info and as Brock left, Samuel saw several robed monks headed slowly up the street. Samuel followed the monks as they traveled to the Abby and knocked on the door. Father Dorian allowed the monks inside and Samuel decided to head to the granary.

After a day's work and berating by the old lady Teresa and trying to keep up the spirits of her poor son, Rolf, Samuel was paid two chips and sent on his way. He promised Rolf he would fetch him his free pint and left for the inn. At the inn he met a gruff halfling named Judge Roberts who drank with him and his friends. Samuel asked Tal, the innkeeper for a pint and some food to take back to Rolf.

As he took the food back, Samuel noticed a robed monk rushing through the rain toward the Abby. Samuel investigated and saw that the monks were in fact strange lizard-like creatures who were searching the abby for something and speaking in a strange tongue. Samuel rushed to the inn and alerted the villagers. Derek the liveryman and Tal the innkeeper in addition to Brock and the halfling rushed with Samuel to the Abby and they kicked the doors open and fought the dragonborn.

Derek was mortally wounded during the fight and told Samuel that he was proud of him before he died. Tal found Father Dorian tied up in the back. He told Samuel that they were looking for a magical lantern in the abby, though neither the Father nor any of the other villagers knew what that could be. Samuel noticed only four dragonborn dead, though he saw at least a dozen earlier and figured they would use the eastern cave for a lair.

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