A Chestnut Box

A Chestnut Box is a minor saga set in the early year of 1380. It follows what is left of the Company of the Golden Hawk after the disastrous Battle at the Black Dragon. They arrive in the town of Asona.


Bearers of Chestnut

  • The Noble Chimera in Stircalba.
  • A man wearing a top hat comes in and asks the group about their dead captain
  • tale of the Battle at the Black Dragon
  • Brutalathrax
  • soon arrive at Asona.
  • Avella-De and Sebastian Bollier go to see the widow Dolore. she speaks with Mother.
  • Pavel Bridgeman attempts to speak with the mayor, but hes speaking with other nobility.
  • Pavel goes to a local cafe
  • Avella-De and Sebastian then give a ride to the Mother to the Church and help with the internment of the Captain.
  • They find Pavel at the Cafe.

About Town

Missing Children




The Dolore Family:

The Chapel of Holy Templars:

The House of Three Sisters:

Fort Neverest:

Old Helm Inn:

Lucky Frog Gambling House:


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